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Tools and methods that support the work of crafting ideas

Learn about apps, practices, workflows, and automations that lighten the load of knowledge workand make it more satisfying.

1. One app is not enough 

Maybe it is? But probably not.

While new connective-thinking apps like Logseq and Obsidian function well as the core of a note-making system, other apps may be just as indispensable for how you work. 

Learn how to integrate the most important apps you use into a single system customized to work exactly the way you want it to.

2. Apps are not the answer 

It's your practices that matter most.

No matter what apps you use, you can't really expect things to get better if you don't transform the habits that weren't working for you in the first place.

Identify and cultivate ones that do. 

3. Attention!

Don't get distracted. Get workflows and automations.

It's one thing to find time to do focused work. It's another to keep little things from breaking your stride, such as repeatedly re-sizing windows on your computer or repeatedly jumping back and forth between your web browser and a document just to copy and paste some information and a web link.   

Build workflows and automations to free yourself from the context-switching and friction that erode the focus all of us need if we are to do deep work.

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